Merion is a vertically integrated investment and management company.

Multifamily Investment Management

Merion’s senior investment team source, underwrite and asset manage all investments acquired by Merion. The team negotiates acquisition pricing, coordinates acquisition due diligence, arranges debt financing and raises investment equity. Post closing, the investment team continues to asset manage the portfolio which includes frequent travel to the assets. Senior level investment team involvement from acquisition through realization has proven to be one of Merion’s core strengths.

Asset Management

Merion’s asset management strategy aligns property level decisions with investment decisions to maximize investment returns.

The key to the sustained success of any multifamily investment is the execution of daily management coupled with an aggressive investment asset management strategy. Merion’s investment professionals effectively balance the daily property management decisions with the macro level investment decisions keeping an eye on critical market trends. The result is an alignment of short and long term investment goals. Generating higher current yields while returning fund equity through strategic asset realizations and refinancings provides the opportunity to maximize investment returns.

Merion Residential

Merion has a fully integrated property management company that adds significant value with day-to-day management capabilities within an integrated platform.

Through Merion Residential, its affiliated property management company, Merion can provide consistency and immediacy of underwriting, due diligence and reporting and a platform that can maximize value-add programs. Merion Residential affords Merion a distinct advantage over sponsors using unaffiliated third-party management.

Merion Investments Owned & Managed

Merion Acquired and Sold Assets

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